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The building valve specialist

Guareski was founded in 1930 by Mr Eminio Guareschi. Up to 1945, it employed around a dozen people, mainly producing valves and fittings for water or gas, together with plumbing accessories for professionals.

During the 1950s and 60s, Guareski expanded considerably and the workforce rose to 120. In 1975, the company diversified and started making cast brass components and die-stamping.

Our own brand-name

In 1995, Guareski began converting aluminium and copper and in 2001, the valves and fittings business was renamed GRK, publishing its own catalogue under this brand-name.

Towards the future.

We stayed loyal to our Picardy's origins and the Guareski Company, a French independent firm, fiercly represents the Somme and especially its historical Vimeu's industrial basin. However, it doesn't stop us from innovating and proposing products adjusted to the latest evolution of our markets.