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French manufacturer

A large part of our range of products is "made in France", in our factory based in Friville Escarbotin. Deux procédés "maison" nous ont permis de garder la confiance de nos clients au fil des années et signer des accords avec des partenaires très exigeants.

Our know-how in video

Look at our film, you can discover GRK and his know-how.

Production control

Guareski has a custom-designed foundry with two in-house production processes which have enabled the company to maintain customer loyalty over the years and to sign contracts with highly demanding companies.

Die-casting foundry

The first part of the foundry is the die-casting foundry, where components up to 10 kg are produced. Casting is by gravity in a metal mould, following a sand core that has been made in a "hot box" at around 300°C.

This is chere tapware is made for the construction industry, for exampple, as well as pressure reducing valves, etc...

Vacuum casting

The second part is devoted to vacuum casting, where components up to 50 kg are made. A stringent manufacturing process is conducted using vacuum suction in a metal module. The snd core here is made in a cold box.

This second part is where water meters are made for overseas customers. After the cast items have been removed from the mould, they are systematically deburred, whatever the type of casting...

Die-stamping: a well-kept secret

The die-stamping phase has contributed significantly to the reputation og Gareski products. "Billets" are cut to size from 4-meters bars, made of brass, copper or aluminium. All billets are then heated to the precise temperature determined by the choice of metal. The die-stamping, whether flat or semi-automatic presses, ranging from 150 to 600 tons. Each die-stamped billet is then carefully deburred.

Machining precision and yeld

The Guareski machining facilities are a hive of activity in which we have long undestood what makes the quality of our products.

The company has a large pool of machinery, with both semi-automatic and automatic transfer. Guareski recently reinvested in two new machining facilities,dedicated to components requiring the highest precision.

This makes for a spectacular and instructive visit.